Mobile Learning The term m-learning (“mobile learning”), indicates learning with mobile devices. The thin line between eLearning and mLearning: e-Learning can be define as a way of disseminating knowledge through any electronic device. In broader sense it includes all kind of digital devices used in learning process to impart knowledge. This makes e-learning a subset of technology-based training. Differentiating e-learning from mobile learning E-learning can be real-time or self-paced, also known as “synchronous” or “asynchronous” learning. Additionally, e-learning is considered to be “tethered” (connected to something) and presented in a formal and structured manner. In contrast, mobile learning is often self-paced, un-tethered and informal in its presentation. Because mobile devices have the power to make learning even more widely available and accessible, mobile devices are considered by many to be a natural extension of e-learning.